Friends On The Web

Ray Tobey
Shaun P. Kelly

Sites I Really Like

Seattle Times
A great Seattle newspaper.
Eastside Journal
Our small local newspaper.
Scientific American
The on-line version of my favorite magazine. Subscribe today!
Society for Amateur Scientists
"SAS is a unique collaboration between world-class professionals and "amateur" scientists. SAS is totally dedicated to helping everyday people find the limits of their own genius by developing their scientific skills and removing the roadblocks that today make it nearly impossible for people without Ph.D. degrees to do research. Our members include people with no technical training whatsoever all the way to people with Ph.D.s in one field who want to explore fields outside their training. Our aim is to get everyone involved in stimulating projects on the front lines of science regardless of age, ethnicity or background."
Geometry Center
Resources and reference materials from this mathematics research and education center at the University of Minnesota.
The Onion
The best news on the net!
Bellevue Community College
My old almamater.
KCTS Chanel 9 (PBS)
My local PBS station. My two favorite shows: NOVA and Frontline.
Yup, I'm part of this experiment too! Along with 2,500,000 others. My currentstats.
The Wizard of Odds
A really great site loaded with information about the true odds of almost every type of game. If you gamble, go here first!