Mom - December 7th, 1997

I still do not have the words to express my feelings. I'm working on my own personal memorial for Mom and will update this page once it's complete.

Jim Nitchals - June 5th, 1998

I first met Jim in early '89. I had just started working at my dream company, Electronic Arts, and my first job was to work with Jim on reverse engineering the 8-bit Nintendo. Even though Jim was 3 years older than I was (which was a bigger deal when we where in our early 20's) I felt a close bond to him. He and I both learned how to program and about computer electronics as hobbyists. Hackers even. The task we had in front of us seemed huge, we had to determine exactly how this machine worked mostly by poking around inside it programmatically.

A few months passed by and Jim and I (along with a few others) where sent off into the EA "clean room". This meant that Jim and I sat with the accountants in another building. We spent countless long hours trying different things, helping out other Nintendo game developers "over the wall" and fixing the problems with the new EA Nintendo development system.

Jim and I then started working on the port of Populous to the SEGA Genesis. We spent even more hours, crunching to get EAs first Genesis game out the door before CES, where EA planned to announce its entry into the Genesis market, and SEGA planned to announce its Genesis to the US. If I recall, we did the whole thing in 4 months. I also recall that it took a heavy toll on both of us.

I'll always remember Jim as the super bright star he was. He had a passion for everything he put his hands on, selflessly working out the problems in half the time it would take a normal human. So long buddy, you can rest now...

Danni Bunten Berry - July 3, 1998

My first contact with Danni was at Electronic Arts, and of course I was star struck. Here was the designer and developer of M.U.L.E., one of the greatest computer games ever! Danni was always kind hearted. She seemed to have never ending patience, listing and conversing with whomever was interested. Fortunately I had the opportunity to work with Danni was on a project porting M.U.L.E. to the SEGA Genesis in '94, but unfortunately the project didn't last very long. The game development community has suffered a tragic loss.